A Thug’s Love for Her

Reese Jones grows up way before his time in the gritty, dangerous streets of the DMV. His mom and sisters need him to be the man of the family. At an early age, he becomes head of the household. The days of his family going without, ends when he turns sixteen. His love for his mom and two sisters, Macey and Monique is unconditional.

After years of hustling on the blocks, Reese becomes the man who owns the blocks. He has money, power and respect. Everything he needs and wants is in his hands. However, the one thing missing is a woman he truly loves.
Chloe is Reese’s live in situation. They are together because of their daughter, Deja. Yet, Deja doesn’t stop Chloe from spending time with her side piece whenever she feels the need to do so. Trouble arises when Chloe’s side piece makes demands she won’t conform to. The one decision she makes at that moment, comes back to haunt her when she least expects it.

Kiyo is a one woman man. He refuses to allow his shared woman to call the shots anymore. When he decides to move on, he meets the woman of his dreams. But, is she the right love at the wrong time? Will his past catch up with him, and cause him to lose the love of his life?

Monique is a student at Delaware State University. Her brother, Reese makes sure she goes to college. He wants her to have the means to become an independent woman. Find out what happens when a weekend trip home turns into something totally unexpected.

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Nyesha captures Reese’s heart. She’s everything he wants in a woman. Her beauty, grace, and independence are what he admires most. He is willing to make major changes in his life so they can be together. But as a rule, things in life never turn out for him the way he plans.

Find out what happens when love, lies, loyalty and disloyalty all brew together. ‘A Thug’s Love For Her,’ will take you on a journey with the Jones family that explodes with unforeseen drama.

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