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after jon s near brush with death rielle couldn t be happier when he awakens as he resumes his duties and his normal life however it becomes clear he is changed perhaps forever there is a power in him and a darkness that threatens to consume him for all time with the order of terra and the tower of magic now serving the crown emaurria is stronger than ever but the threats it now faces might lead to the kingdom s undoing locked in open war against the divinity of magic emaurria is in grave danger and worse divided at its core the houses see opportunity in a withdrawn king and rielle brennan and olivia fight to keep stability as they try to reach jon while leigh finds himself damned and looks for the strength to save himself before he can save the world from the rift as the houses and the war poke a sleeping dragon they invite flames that could char emaurria to mere glowing embers can rielle and her friends reach jon before it s too late or will he be lost to the darkness and emaurria to the flames of dragon fire if you like the fantasy romance of a court of thorns and roses the dark intrigue of the black jewels series the epic adventure of game of thrones and a heroine who never gives up you ll love this romantic epic fantasy series preorder the dragon king and dive into a medieval world sensual and dark full of magic and greed love and blades where factions vie for influence and there are no easy choices

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