Every Breath You Take (Man from Yesterday Book 6)

Lindsay came to clean his house. That’s all. But somewhere between dusting and organizing his garage sale, Lindsay lost her heart…and her head. In those mistaken moments, she forgot to mention that she’s a mother. An only child, Tanner knows nothing about kids. This sweet small town romance is all about family choices and challenges.
Veteran Tanner Phelps has come home to purge his past by cleaning out the family home. Lindsay could mean a change in plan but can he take on a widow with two little girls? What can he possibly have to offer?
Then a little boy with Down syndrome shows up on his driveway. Tanner teaches Red how to play basketball. At first, they’re both clumsy. But the jaded vet learns he is more then enough, more then this town remembers. For now, he’s keeping his plans to himself.
Widowed young, Lindsay was disappointed in her first marriage. Tanner’s silence feels sadly familiar. Can Tanner and Lindsay move beyond the past and create a future together in Gull Harbor? A heartwarming novel about second chances.

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