Huey: The Story of an Assault Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam

John Vanvorden–the Flying Dutchman–is a Vietnam pilot and one of the rugged few who know the danger and thrill of combat while piloting the U.S. Army’s UH-1H “Huey” Iroquois helicopter.

He experiences screaming descents into hot landing zones to place military assault troops and rescue wounded soldiers.

He has the clarity of mind to survive seven days of horror in a Vietnamese jungle swamp while the psychology of a fellow soldier is severely tested.

He’s got the guts to buck military orders and battle his own brass to pursue an investigation when a botched operation spells disaster for the men under him.

Based on the authors’ personal experiences in the Vietnam War, Huey is an authentic, action-filled book of historical fiction. Originally published 30 years ago, this moving novel became a New York Times bestseller within days of publishing.

Editorial Reviews

“Those who have read the classic book of helicopter combat in Vietnam, Chickenhawk by Robert Mason, but who still have an appetite for more books of that sort can do no better than to read this novel.”
– The VVA Veteran, Books in Review II

Book Excerpt:

From eight thousand feet, the Flying Dutchman flew his chopper into a nose-high attitude and peeled off into a single-ship approach. His passengers were looking straight down at the ground from the open doorway. Before anyone could blink, they were diving toward the ground at four thousand feet a minute, about as fast as a helicopter can come out of the sky with its main rotor still attached. The 12.7’s opened up. Tracer rounds looked like basketballs zooming by. The supersonic bullets popped as they passed, breaking the sound barrier. When a bullet found its mark, it smacked the ship like a baseball bat.
As soon as the troops on the ground had hefted the two critical cases into each side, John blasted out low level, taking fire from the ground. He knew the Huey didn’t have long before it became battered magnesium. . . .

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