Luvin’ On A Cold Hitta

Passion is convinced that love doesn’t love her. Why else would she be in a six-year relationship with a man who constantly cheats? Although she feels that she has reached her breaking point, Passion finds it hard to walk away until she witnesses a betrayal so cold that leaving is the only thing she can do.

Chino Luvher is the man, and he knows it. His money and his looks make it easy for him to have as many women as he wants. Chino loves his girlfriend, Passion, but he loves variety more. He sees no reason to change his behavior because as long as he controls the purse strings, Passion will never leave. When his biggest secret is exposed, Chino finds out what happens when a woman’s fed up.

When Passion reaches her lowest point, she finds the strength she never knew she had, and her bounce back is epic. She embarks on a new beginning, in a new city, and with a new attitude. Desperate to get Passion back, Chino follows her to New York City, but he’s too late. Passion has moved on, and the better man turns out to be someone he never expected.

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