Our Vietnam Wars: as told by more veterans who served, Volume 2

Want to know what Vietnam was really like?

From a Marine sniper in Hue, to a medevac dust-off pilot going into a hot LZ, Navy Corpsmen, A-6 pilots taking out bridges and SAM sites in North Vietnam, a nurse on the USS Repose, combat medics deep in the jungle, machine gunners in I-Corps, mechanics working on the rolling deck of a big carrier on Yankee Station, squad leaders on infantry sweeps in “the Arizona Territory,” truck convoys under fire, riverine patrol boats in the Delta, Coast Guard “Jolly Green” search and rescue helicopters pulling downed pilots from the jungle, tank platoons in an all-out armor assault, Loach pilots in hunter-killer teams, and many more — from the Delta to the DMZ, this book puts you in their boots.

Some of us were drafted. Some enlisted. Some were true war heroes, but most were just trying to survive. As everyone “in-country” knew, Vietnam was all about luck, good or bad. If you were there, you understand. If you weren’t, grab a copy and start reading, anywhere in the book. The stories are like Doritos. Try a few and you won’t be able to stop.

The Vietnam War was the seminal event of my generation and affected so many lives. Over 58,200 of us paid the ultimate price, but the war didn’t end when the last US helicopter lifted off from the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. It continues to take its ugly toll on many who did come home. Instead of bands and parades, we got PTSD and Agent Orange, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, neuropathy, leukemia, Hodgkin’s Disease, and prostate cancer, and many more. As they say, “Vietnam is the gift that keeps on giving.”

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Unfortunately, what little our kids and grandkids know of the war comes from books that only focus on one soldier, one unit, and one year, or movies like Oliver Stone’s Platoon and Hamburger Hill, leaving people to think that all we did was crawl through the jungle on the Cambodian border smoking dope. But that wasn’t how most of us spent our year. In February, I published Volume 1. Due to the amazing response it received from vets and their families, I’m publishing Volume 2, with even more interesting, exciting, and informative stories. Hopefully, they will help correct that narrative.

William F Brown is the author of nine action adventure and suspense novels on Kindle, including the highly successful Bob Burke series, and Our Vietnam Wars, Volumes 1 and 2, personal stories of the veterans who served there. His ministry and suspense novels include ‘The Undertaker,’ ‘Amongst My Enemies,’ ‘Thursday at Noon,’ ‘Aim True, My Brothers,’ ‘Winner Lose All,’ and ‘The Cold War Trilogy,’ as well as Burke’s War, Burke’s Gamble, and Burke’s Revenge. You can them out on my web site and Enjoy!

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