Stealing The Borders

An intimate, Humorous Tale of a Thrilling Escape From childhood. He wanted a party, they threw him a circumcision. He wanted sour cream, he got bugs.

Stealing the Borders is a witty survivor story about a boy who grew up experiencing German bombs, chills of Siberia, and life in a refugee camp. – Then came the real test – the chaotic streets of New York.

As he had no schooling till the age of 16, Rais developed an extraordinary instinct for survival and an uncanny perspective that allows him to see the wry side of every situation. Laugh with him, as you read the inspiring story of his escape from war-torn Europe and eventual success in the United States.

Don’t try to tell him he had a deprived childhood he’s convinced it was a privilege! Follow his hilarious antics in his warm and touching autobiography. – He stole the border, he’ll steal your heart.

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