The Olmecs: A History from Beginning to End (Mesoamerican History Book 1)

The Olmecs

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Many ancient civilizations are described as mysterious, but none provide as many puzzles and unanswered questions as the Olmecs. These people arrived in lands near the Gulf of Mexico around 1500 BCE, and they brought with them entirely new concepts in terms of engineering, agriculture, and religion. The problem is, we have no idea where they came from or how they developed these new ideas. Then, around 400 BCE, the Olmecs vanished as suddenly and inexplicably as they appeared, leaving behind no written records but providing a legacy of beliefs and ideas which permeated virtually every Mesoamerican culture which followed.

Inside you will read about…

✓ Origins
✓ The Olmec Enigma
✓ The Fall of San Lorenzo
✓ Were-Jaguars and Feathered Serpents
✓ The Rise of La Venta
✓ The Disappearance of the Olmecs
And much more!

Respected scholars take very different views on the Olmec civilization. Some feel that the Olmecs must have come to Central America from somewhere else entirely, while others are adamant that they are indigenous people. Some historians believe that the Olmecs were simply one of several cultures which emerged at around the same time, while others are vehement that this is the mother culture from which all subsequent Mesoamerican cultures descended. Less than one hundred years ago, there wasn’t even agreement on whether these people had existed at all.
There are very few cultures as important as the Olmecs about which we know so little. This book attempts to convey the story of the mysterious Olmecs and their unique and fascinating artifacts.

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