Tiger Bravo’s War: An epic year with an elite airborne rifle company of the 101st Airborne Division’s “Wandering Warriors”, during the height of the Vietnam War

Tiger Bravo’s War follows a band of young paratroopers, from the very same battalion in the elite 101st Airborne Division as portrayed in Stephen Ambrose’s World War II best seller Band of Brothers, during their first year of combat in the Vietnam War – – from a bayonet charge in an infamous VC stronghold and street fighting during the 1968 Tet Offensive, to a rescue of a surrounded platoon and rock and roll in the mess all, and much more. Thirty of their number would be killed in action and, collectively, they would amass a staggering 150 Purple Hearts. It is also about everyday life in a war zone and the strange, often harsh, sometimes beautiful, tropical environment in which the war was fought. Lastly, it is a soldier’s tale of the young men of Tiger Bravo – – the son of a World war II Japanese fighter pilot who wins a Silver Star fighting as an American infantryman; the tough kid from rural Texas, who leaves his job cleaning astronaut offices in Houston to volunteer to be a paratrooper; the medic, abandoned by his mother, who would find in Tiger Bravo the family he never had, and many others with their own unique story.

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