Vietnam: No Regrets: One Soldier’s Tour of Duty (VIETNAM NO REGRETS)

“In the 30+ years since its conclusion, countless volumes have been crafted regarding the Vietnam War – not to mention movies, television specials, and documentaries. Most of the written and visual media have done a commendable job of exploring the logistical blunders and other revealing aspects of the war itself; however, very few of them have given
Vietnam the same empathic human touch as “Saving Private Ryan” so famously did for World War II.
There is now a book that everyone can read and understand what a year in Vietnam was truly like. Told through the eyes of one soldier who was lucky enough to have been allowed to survive.
Throughout the pages of Vietnam: No Regrets, author and Vietnam veteran J. Richard Watkins steps directly in the gap and fills that void in standout fashion. A heart-wrenching memoir recounted in an unfiltered, no-holds-barred manner, Vietnam: No Regrets takes the reader straight into the heart of one of the most controversial extended episodes in our nation’s history, painting the gruesome conflict in a graphic, vivid light – undeniably real and raw.

Kendra Carroll, Apex Reviews
More than 50 pictures of what a tour of duty was really like for those soldiers who spent their time in country outside the wire. seeking out the enemy.
Thanks for the copy of your book. it will be a very special addition to my library. Needle to say, I understand the emotions you experienced, the effort to servive, and the need to leave some of one’s combat time behind when returning home. You also captured the essence of the Brotherhood of the Close Fight very well. Thanks– for your service and I will highly recommend your book for I couldn’t put it down.

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Gen. David Petraeus,
Commander Multi National Command Iraq

I apologize to each and every Vietnam Veteran who served their country with honor. It was never my intent to disparage those who put themselves in harms way in Vietnam for I have the utmost respect for them. I just wanted to point out that those of us out in the bush every day and night seemed to be getting the shit end of the stick that’s all.. I did a very poor job of explaining myself and I want to apologize once again. I am not a writer by profession all I am is an Irish/American story teller. I will close by saying “Welcome Home” to all whose served their country In Vietnam. Rich Watkins
This is your opportunity to share this once in a lifetime adventure. Are you ready to walk by my side, as my tour of duty in Vietnam unfolds? If so, then pick up your weapon and grab your gear, for we’re getting ready to move out in search of the enemy and I promise you this will be one year you will never forget.

Great, now let’s move out!!

J. Richard Watkins

“Vietnam: No Regrets” also contains Sixty (60) never before published photos taken by the “Author”, as well as fellow “Wolfhounds” during his “Tour of Duty” in Vietnam.

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