You Picked The Wrong Time: The Trilogy

Asia Arrington was trifling; the real kind. Due to misfortune in the game of love, she deems it okay to play with everyone else’s heart. She is an expert at using men for all they are worth before discarding them like yesterdays trash. However, she never counted on meeting a man like Bryce Fowler. He is a little older, married, and a business owner with money to blow, and success on his mind. Asia cannot help but entangle her heart in a way that she never though possible. Bryce doesn’t play fair though. She was just another notch on his belt, another thing accomplished that doesn’t mean anything to him. After he tried to dump Asia, he quickly finds out that she is more savage than he ever thought possible. While licking her wounds she meets Ashley. He is as mysterious as he is sexy, but he has the cure to what is ailing her, or so she thinks. By the time Asia realized she has been played, she is more than ready to exact her own plan of revenge. Sometimes in the game, there are more players than are originally presented. See who wins and who loses in this cautionary tale about when being a side-chick goes horribly wrong.

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