You Won’t Love Me Until I’m Gone

Love at first sight………
Was that even real? Not for Keir. He just wanted to get some money and get the hell up out of the hood.
Love wasn’t in the cards for him and he didn’t care because he didn’t want it or need it.
Or so he thought…
That was until he ran into Ever, well she ran past him.
It was something about her that made him want to take care of her. It wasn’t because of the clothes that were a few sizes too small or the shoes that couldn’t keep her feet warm if they wanted too, but it was the look in her eyes when she stared at him.
Keir tried to brush it off. He wanted to give her a little help then send her on her way so that he could stay focused and do what he needed to do.
It was something that kept calling him back to Ever and he couldn’t just turn his back on her, as much as he wanted too.
Ever was scared when Keir first approached her not knowing what he wanted or what he would do to her.
The only person that had ever cared for her was long gone and never coming back, anyone else that even attempted to approach her always wanted something that she wasn’t willing to give.
Life had always been hard for her and the way things were looking they didn’t seem to be getting any better. Her own parents didn’t even love her enough to keep her, instead they sent her to live with her grandmother who held on as long as she could to care for Ever.
When Keir tried to help her, Ever’s first instinct was to run far away from him as fast as she could but her feet wouldn’t move. They were stuck in place as if she was standing in cement.
Ever and Keir’s worlds collide creating an intergalactical love that neither one knew existed.
Just when things seem to be perfect and couldn’t get any better a long hidden family secret emerges that rips through the seams of everyone involved and there’s no take back or coming back from this.
Things will change forever.

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