Your cybersecurity is your own responsibility: A game-changer handbook for everyday users of anything digital

Digital world is evolving rapidly and cybersecurity is no longer the term used by only corporations and governments. Cybersecurity is now you personal responsibility. This handbook gives an overlook on a phenomenon of aggressive harvesting of data of electronic device users that are usually unaware of what is really going on, and why it can possibly harm their future. It is an action handbook, that describes all necessary bullet-points when it comes to data breach prevention and self-defense in your everyday digital space. The methods offered in this book are non-linear and focused on data breach preventive attitude improvement. The format of the book is plain and simple – just thoughts of the author. Author’s idea is to create an awareness in reader’s mind to then act according to reader’s current digital situation. After completing reading this book you will have an idea on how to protect your data and what “minimizing data production” means. Author describes “digital security principles” concept that guides reader to creating better cybersecurity tactic. This book is targeted for non tech-savvy or average users of electronic devices and services of all kinds. The author is an Information Technology professional that worked in Software Quality Assurance field for Banking, Healthcare and public domains in Silicon Valley, California. I hope you enjoy reading this book and gather something new and get some great food for thought.

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